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Achieve Exercise Physiologists

We provide clinical exercise rehabilitation programs to assist community members, ADF members, sporting groups and Retirement villages. Exercise services are developed to rehab muscular conditions, metabolic problems and cardiovascular concerns. services are bulked billed where possible.

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Intersport Townsville

If you're into surf and sportswear, health and fitness or sport of any kind then you've landed on the right site. Our commitment to you is the best brands at the right price and backed up with service from a team of experts, that we believe are second to none.

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Live and Breathe Yoga

Live and Breathe Yoga is a beautiful city centre yoga studio dedicated to the traditional teachings of ashtanga yoga. A dynamic yoga practice that gets you moving, makes you sweat, builds strength and improves flexibility. You will leave every class feeling as though every cell in your body is energised and your mind is completely relaxed. We offer Introduction courses for beginners, classes 6 days a week for all levels, corporate yoga sessions, intensive yoga workshops and deluxe yoga retreats.

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United Martial Arts and Fitness

Activities for the whole family. United Martial Arts and Fitness offers free self-defence classes for women, Street Edge Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing/Boxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu - Bruce Lee trained in it so can you! -, Thump Boxing, Cage Fitness. Our children's programs are supported by the Ultimate Character Development System Powerful Words, the ONLY licensed school in Townsville. Our programs are perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Visit

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