Terms & Conditions

TVL Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. By applying to become a member of the Townsville Chamber, applicants confirm they have read and understood the Rules of the Townsville Chamber.  The Rules are available on this website.
  2. Every membership application is subject to approval by the Board of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce.
  3. All prices are quoted in AUD.
  4. Advertised membership prices valid from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020.
  5. Advertised prices are GST Exclusive.
  6. Quarterly payment by direct bank or credit card debit at no interest is now available upon request to [email protected] .
  7. Current membership must be paid prior to the expiry date for membership to remain valid.
  8. Membership payment can be made prior to the expiry date by login in the member’s account /subscription / renew now.
  9. Members wanting to pay via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) can request an invoice to [email protected]  or by calling the office 4771 2729.
  10. Automatic recurring payment can be selected by login in the member’s account /payment method / add a payment method.
  11. Unpaid membership will be placed on hold from the date of expiry, until payment is made.
  12. Unpaid membership on hold will not display in the Membership Directory.
  13. Unpaid members will be offered non-members price at ticketed events.
  14. New membership starts upon payment of membership fees, which becomes the renewal membership anniversary.
  15. Business membership (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) belongs to the organisation and is transferable should there be a change of the organisation’s ownership.
  16. Individual membership belongs to the individual and is not transferable.
  17. Members can resign their membership at any time by writing to the Townsville Chamber Secretary, C/o e[email protected]u
  18. In accordance with the Association Act 1981 (Qld), the Townsville Chamber holds a $20 million Public Liability Insurance.

Events Terms and Conditions

  1. Advertised price is exclusive of GST and payment portal fees.
  2. Final ticket price is available upon booking online.
  3. Invoice for payment by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) available upon request, with 7 days payment terms.
  4. No invoice for payment issued less than 7 days before event.
  5. All payment need to be settled prior to event.
  6. Paid invoice provided upon request only.
  7. Event ticket price may differ whether you are a current member of the Townsville Chamber or not.
  8. If you cannot attend an RSVP event, please advise the office (4771 2729) or [email protected] at least 24 hours prior to the event for a full refund.

These terms and conditions apply to submissions for entry into the Townsville Chamber EDMs unless stated otherwise.  

  1.  The Townsville Chamber is given permission to published submitted content. 
  2.  Townsville Chamber reserves the right not to publish a submission if it does not meet the content or technical specifications outlined in the guidelines or the conditions of submission. 
  3. By submitting content to us, you are agreeing that we may choose your submission for inclusion on our digital channels – social media and our app – to be made available to the general public. If you do not want this to occur, you must inform us. 
  4. You are solely responsible for your submission and any consequences of submitting it. Townsville Chamber is not responsible or liable for any breach of terms and conditions by you or claims by a third party.  
  5. By publishing your submitted content, the Chamber does not endorse the product, good, service or person 

For more information please refer to our Information and Social Media Policies  

Information Policy

I. Policy Statement 

The collection and management of information is critical to the operation of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce Inc (“the Chamber”/”Townsville Chamberin order to perform its functions to the benefits of its members and the wider community.  

The Chamber acknowledges the concern around classified information and is committed to dealing with information in a legal and confidential manner. This policy will further elaborate on this point to provide guidance on how the Chamber manages data by clarifying responsibilities of staff and outlining the practices the business follows to achieve good governance for members and the public alarge.   

II. Principals 

The Townsville Chamber is committed to good governance in the workplace and so operates in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld) and the Australian Privacy Principals (APP’s) outlined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).  

III. Scope  

This policy applies to Chamber staff, volunteers and board members. Data covered includes information received by the Chamber in all formats including written hard-copy, email, and voice mail. This will also include data collected on the website and app. This policy will govern the information gathered and dealt with by the Chamber both on and off site.  

IV. Responsibility 

All those entrusted with the information at the Chamber have the responsibility to conduct themselves in accordance with this policy and its supporting legislation.  

V. Types of information collected and How Information is used 

The Chamber collects information via the website, app, when queries and emails are sent and thorough membership applications. This information is kept in order to provide services by fulfilling requests, enabling contact, identification and creating personalised services matching the unique traits provided.  

Other ways the information is used to perform legislative and administrative functions, develop policy further through research and evaluation, for complaints handling reasons and program management within the Chamber itself.  

    a. Types of Personal Information held include: 

        i. Names and addresses 

        ii. Phone numbers

        iii. Business logos and Photographs 

    b. Non-Personal Information – Cookies 

To improve the website and app, the operation of “cookies” is enabled. Cookies do not hold personal information but rather navigational data about browsing habits and usage patterns. Information held by cookies is not personal and cannot be traced back to the user allowing the user to remain anonymous. Users opposed to this practice may disable cookies at will or enable a pop-up to notify them about the cookie in use. 

VI. Children under 18 

The Chamber does not knowingly take the information of those aged under 18 and takes reasonable preventive measures to protect the safety of children accessing the website and app. However, the responsibility is ultimately that of the parent/guardian. 

VII. Third party links and access to information 

The Chamber website and app contain many links to member websites. The Chamber cannot control the information policies of these third parties and as such takes no responsibility for the collection of data once leaving authorised Townsville Chamber sites. 

In addition to this, the Chamber operates profiles on many social media channels. These social media websites themselves and any advertisement links contained on them are not a part of the Chamber’s authorised sites and as such the Chamber is not responsible for data collection of these third parties.  

VIII. Data  

    a. Retention 

As stated above, data is retained in order to offer business services. Data containing personal information is retained on online databases with secure access by authorised individuals in the company. The Chamber takes necessary steps to protect this information from alteration and loss. Non-personal information is also retained however this data remains anonymous and is used solely for website design improvement and demographic purposes and cannot be retraced to the user. 

     b. Destruction 

The Chamber will take all reasonable steps to destroy any personal data no longer needed at the end of its life as managed with the Australian Government’s records management regime. Data may also be destroyed by request unless this data must be kept for legal reasons. The Chamber follows protocol regarding retention and destruction periods in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988. Staff will not destroy information other than in accordance with this documentation.   

     c. Transfer 

No private individual member information is to be given, sold, traded or exchanged without the written consent of the member concerned in accordance with section 11.3 of the Chamber Rules. Information will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose it was supplied for. Information may be transferred only when there is consent form the information provider, when there is a legal requirement or as below in section IX.  

      d. Unforeseen Circumstances 

The Chamber takes reasonable steps to ensure this data is stored in a secure environment and only dealt with in an appropriate manner by authorised persons. However please note data transmissions online cannot be totally secure, including information transmitted or received from our app or website or emails sent. These activities are therefore conducted at your own risk. Credit Card information is not stored by the Chamber thereby preventing the risk of unapproved use of such sensitive information. Secure servers are used for these purposes which are encrypted for your security. 

IX. Disclosure of Personal Information Overseas 

Upon the meeting of certain criteria including consent we may disclose information to overseas recipients. Examples of this disclosure includes internet publications of material on the Chamber social media pages including Facebook and Instagram and well as the Chamber’s Primary web channels. These publications may include many media mediums including audio and visual. Additionally, there is provision for disclosure of personal information thorough third party web-based services such as SurveyMonkey. 

X. Contact Information 

The Chamber will take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information kept on record is of the highest quality and up to date. If you have any queries about the information held about you or wish to correct any information on record please contact the office on (07)4771 2729 or at suite 112 Northtown, 280 Flinders street, Townsville Queensland or alternatively on the contact us page on the Chamber’s website. This includes requests to access one’s own personal information and make corrections. This may be given on written request in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.  

XI. Complaints 

For complaints regarding the Townsville Chamber Information Policy please prepare discord in the form of a formal written complaint outlining the breach under the appropriate privacy act and direct it to the above channels. 

Whilst the Chamber makes every effort to resolve complaints. If not satisfied with the Chamber’s response, privacy complaints may be made to the Queensland Information Commissioner once 45 business days have elapsed from the time of the complaint. 

XII. Changes to Information Policy and Review 

The Information policy may be updated in accordance with advancements in technology and procedure. Additionally, over time stylistic or structural review may be made to the information policy. It is recommended consumers check back to this page for any updates as continued use of the Chamber’s website and app following changes will amount to consent. 

Last Updated: May 2019 


Social Media Policy

I. Objectives 

The objective of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce Inc (“the Chamber”/” Townsville Chamber”) Social Media (“SoMe”) is to raise awareness of the Townsville Chamber, its activities and its opportunities. This objective supports the Chamber’s goal of providing members and prospective members with value. 

Posting information about the Chamber’s activities and responding to comments and queries in a timely manner aims to make the Chamber more accessible, more interactive, and more engaged with members and the business community. 

This policy will govern the way in which SoMe is used within the Townsville Chamber to create a positive online presence for the Chamber and its members.  

II. Scope 

This document includes a brief overview of the usage of SoMe by the Chamber. The document makes some reference to internal regulation of SoMe sites and regulation regarding adverse postings. 

This policy covers the Chamber in its operation of official Chamber profiles on four social media channels: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Twitter 

This policy will govern all SoMe posts made with content including but not limited to text, picture and video on the above SoMe channels.  

III. Out of Scope 

This document does not capture the administrative operations of the sites by the Chamber. 

Further, this policy does not regulate the private use of Social Media by staff, board members and volunteers of the Chamber where there is no identifiable connection with the chamber itself, or private communications unrelated to the business of the Chamber.  

This policy does not regulate imposter SoMe accounts holding themselves out to the public in relation to the Chamber, therefore the Townsville Chamber does not take any responsibility for posts made by third party under the alias of the Chamber. Any accounts or platforms existing without authorisation of the Chamber will be subject to review when discovered and efforts will be made to remove them.  

Any SoMe presence which has not sought prior approval by the Chamber is not approved to use the logo of the Chamber or to purport to represent the Chamber. In doing so these parties breach relevant Social Media Platform terms of service, breach Policy 4 – Code of Ethics and Conduct, Policy 9 – Information Policy and breach trademark legislation. Legal action may be taken in these circumstances to protect the copyright trademarks of the Chamber and the image it purports to the public at large.  

Online forums, including comments sections referencing the Chamber, are not included under this policy as the Chamber is not able to make direct influence on these accounts.  

Further, any public posts made on the Chamber’s authorised SoMe accounts by third parties cannot be controlled by the Chamber and thus the Chamber takes no responsibility for the content in these posts.  

However, the Townsville Chamber will make every effort to remove in a timely manner any content contrary to that contained in this policy. 

IV. Administration 

Information loading on the Chamber’s SoMe site is to be undertaken by: 

  • Designated Chamber staff – the Executive Officer and administration staff, under instruction of the Executive Officer  
  • Captain of the Chamber Projects Committee (CPC) – Participation will change from time to time and should be based on a responsible individual’s affinity for the medium.  
  • Any information uploaded by persons other than those authorised above is not a reflection of the Chamber and therefore no responsibility is taken for such content.  

V. Use of Social Media 

The internet is neither anonymous nor forgetful.  Everything written or posted on SoMe is retained and accessible.  It can be traced to an individual.  As a Chamber staff or Executive with responsibility to the SoMe platform, you must understand your responsibility of the Townsville Chamber brand. 

Be honest and transparent and act in a manner that protects and enhances the Chamber brand.  Ensure the correctness, quality, relevance and professionalism of the post.  You must adhere to the Privacy Act at all time.  

Prior to posting information, the Chamber is to apply a “three-question test to assess the appropriateness of the information: 

  1. Is the information defamatory? 
  2. Is the information considered ‘tabloid material’? 
  3. Is the information damaging to the Chamber’s brand? 

Should any or all of the questions be answered with ‘yes’, the information is not to be posted.  

In addition to all the “three-question” test, staff must communicate in a professional manner, complying with the Policy 4 – Code of Ethics and Conduct and Policy 9 – Information Policy in their use of SoMe. They must also act in good faith and not disclose any confidential information as per the Chamber’s Information Policy.  

No information on the Chamber’s SoMe is to include 

  • Copyrighted material 
  • Derogatory comment or materials including profanity 
  • Content including videos and images that may be deemed inappropriate or defamatory 
  • Content that may incite harm

VI. Townsville Chamber Response to Posts 

Staff receive automatic notification of external engagement by third parties.  The Chamber should endeavor to respond to posts, either by acknowledging or answering queries, on the day they are posted.   

Should the post be critical of the Chamber, the matter is to be brought to the attention of the Executive Officer at the earliest opportunity. The Executive Officer will apply judgement if the matter needs to be involve the President.   

In such instances, a response is to be drafted and approved by the internal parties prior to loading.  

Escalation to the Board or a selection of Board members is to be considered by the President in consultation with the Executive Offier 

Only the Chamber Executive Officer and/or the Chamber President is to respond. 

This process is the same as the internal escalation process currently used by the Chamber as outlined in Policy – 3 Grievance Policy and Escalation Guide.  

VII. Reports and Complaints regarding the Chamber’s use of Social Media  

If it is believed content posted on an official Townsville Chamber SoMe channel is not in accordance with this policy, it must be reported to Executive Officer immediately.  These complaints will be handled on a case by case basis, in reference to this policy and in conjunction with the Chamber’s Policy 9 – Information Policy, Policy 4 – Code of Ethics and Conduct and Policy 5 – Bullying, Discrimination, and Sexual Harassment Policy.  

VIII. Breach 

Breach of this policy by internal staff, board members or volunteer are not tolerated and will lead to disciplinary action in accordance with Policy 2 – Disciplinary Policy. This ranges depending on severity from warnings to termination. Legal breaches will be handled in the appropriate manner. 

IX. Changes to Social Media Policy and Review  

The Social Media Policy may be updated in accordance with advancement in technology and procedure. If the Chamber has a new online profile, this policy will be updated to reflect that change.  

Additionally, stylistic or structural review may be made to the Social Media Policy. It is recommended consumers check back to this page for any updates as continued use of the Chamber SoMe Sites following changes will amount to consent.  

Last Updated: May 2019 


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It’s this right blend of professionalism and approachability that has seen many of Damien’s clients successfully buy and sell several properties through him over the years. Together with his wife Kirsty, they launched their own successful real estate brand in Townsville called Keyes & Co Property in 2012 and have created an excellent platform from which they can serve their community for decades to come.

Passionate about the Townsville community, Damien along with his wife Kirsty are supporters of various local charity and junior sporting events and Damien’s work as an MC or auctioneer is well known at big events such as the Daniel Morcombe Foundation Gala Ball and the Ronald McDonald House Gala Ball.

Through his real estate sales platform, Damien leads a team of bright and committed career real estate agents that all share in the same passion – helping people achieve their real estate dreams. Living out his own dream, Damien’s legacy is through helping those on his team realise their own potential and share in their highs and lows throughout their respective property careers.

Keyes & Co. Property and the work the company does through its agents and clients alike is something Damien is deeply passionate about and feels privileged to be part of and is genuinely excited about the journey that lays ahead.


Damien has been in the real estate industry since 1993

Bachelor of Management James Cook University 2001

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration 2021

Unrestricted Real Estate Agent’s Licence

Licenced Auctioneer

Company Director since 2004

Corporations Licence since 2006

Principal and Director of Keyes and Co Property

Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland

Townsville Zone Chairman for the Real Estate Institute of Queensland 2013-2017

Regional Board Director of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland 2017-2020


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Danielle is a passionate North Queenslander, with a strong understanding of the health industry as a business contributor, and business driver for communities.

She has qualifications in Speech Pathology and Business, living and working in regional Queensland for 30 years, including Townsville for the past 7 years. With a strong background in regional health, she maintains a personal passion for improving the health, wellbeing and lives of people living in regional areas.

She has served on many organisations, committees, and governance groups to inform strategy, policy and operations, including as an executive director allied health, chief operating officer and chief executive officer. She has previously served on the Board of the Mackay Hospital Foundation, and is a current Board Director and Governance Committee member for selectability, one of Queensland’s largest regional mental health and suicide prevention providers.

Danielle Hornsby B.SP.Thy. MBA. GAICD.

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Michele (read “Micheal”) is the Partner in charge of the Commercial Solutions, Dispute Resolutions and Litigation work group at wilson ryan grose Lawyers.

In addition to his role as President of the Townsville Chamber, Michele is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is an active member in the business community.

Michele’s qualifications include Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and Solicitor of the High Court of Australia. Michele represents the Chamber on Council’s Sister City Committee, and contributes to the portfolios of governance and relations with Asia for our organisation.

Michele Falconieri



Michele (read “Micheal”) is the Partner in charge of the Commercial Solutions, Dispute Resolutions and Litigation work group at wilson ryan grose Lawyers.

In addition to his role as President of the Townsville Chamber, Michele is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is an active member in the business community.

Michele’s qualifications include Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and Solicitor of the High Court of Australia. Michele represents the Chamber on Council’s Sister City Committee, and contributes to the portfolios of governance and relations with Asia for our organisation.

Chris Rockemer



Chris is the Chief Operating Officer at Menninger Capital and is also an Executive Director of Marathon Consolidated Ltd. Chris has 15 years’ experience in the operations and risk management of successful small-to-medium businesses.

Previously, Chris ran a consultancy business specialising in training small-to-medium business owners and assisting with their financial operations.

Chris holds a BAS Agent registration with the Tax Practitioners Board. Prior to his appointment as Treasurer for the Townsville Chamber in 2016, Chris acted as Chair of the Young Chamber Committee from 2009 to 2015. Chris is currently undertaking a PhD in Behavioural Economics, having completed his postgraduate Honours degree in Economics at James Cook University where he was awarded the C.P. Harris Medal.

Chris contributes to the portfolios of governance, small business, sports and Millenia engagement for our organisation.

Micheal Thorsen


Kate Smith



Kate has a broad and diverse skill set from over 20 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor, working with family-based enterprises throughout Queensland.

Born and bred in the region, Kate is a fierce advocate for our region’s business community.

Kate’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Commerce, Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Diploma Financial Planning, holding a certificate of Public Practice and registration as a Tax Agent.

Kate has previously held Board positions with the Townsville Hospital Foundation and Zonta Club of Townsville Metro.

Kevin Booth



Kevin is the owner director of NQAV and has been a business owner since 2008.

He is the recipient of many industry awards including the Australian Institute of Management 30 Under 30, and was a Finalist of the Townsville Chamber Young Business Achievement Award in 2012. Prior to joining the Townsville Chamber Board, Kevin was the Chair of the Young Chamber Committee for two years and is also currently a Board member of Coast to Country Housing Company and a member of the Rotary Club of Townsville Sunrise.

Kevin represents the Chamber on Council’s City Image Advisory Committee, and contributes to the portfolios of small business, digital disruption and technology for our organisation.

Emily Hall


Emily has a broad and diverse background in administration, finance and science through her work in government, not for profit, small business, retail and commercial industries.

Born and bred in Townsville with experience working and running a Brisbane small business, Emily is a proud Townsville resident and an advocate for local business, creative arts, education and community.

Emily is a graduate of JCU and CQU. Her qualifications include: Bachelor of Biomedical Science; Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting; Certificate IV in Work Health Safety. Emily has previously held a volunteer Board position with the Saints Eagles Souths Football Club.

Daniel Christie



Daniel Christie is currently the Head of Engineering at James Cook University.

As a North Queensland native, Daniel is passionate about the region and hopes his experience gained in working nationally and internationally will allow him to help shape a successful and prosperous North Queensland.

Dan’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Engineering, Masters of Science (Engineering), Fellow of Engineers Australia and CPEng.

Chris Volpi



Chris is an Associate at Wilson Ryan Grose Lawyers where he practises as a lawyer in Family Law and Insurance and Injury Compensation. Chris is the Captain of the Chamber Projects Committee and the Chair of the Townsville Young Chamber Committee.

Chris’ qualifications include Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Masters of Law (Commercial), Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and Solicitor of the High Court of Australia. Prior to obtaining his Law and Accounting qualifications, Chris worked in Hospitality Management for over 10 years.

In addition to devoting his time to the legal profession, Chris volunteers his time as a committee member of Estates Soccer Club and carries out pro bono work for Townsville Community Law and the Community Grow Legal Clinic.

Peter Cavallo



Peter is a Partner with the Carey Group and has over 20 years’ experience in advising small business, servicing clients in Ingham and surrounding districts.

Peter has extensive experience in accountancy and taxation advice across a broad base of industries.

Peter is also a Board Member of St Patricks College Townsville, Chair (Legal & IR Committee) HIA North Queensland and President of the Townsville District Rugby Union. Peter represents the Chamber contributes to the portfolios of finance and employment for our organisation.

Miranda Mears


Miranda Mears is an experienced and passionate leader and consultant with over 25 years of starting, running and exiting businesses. Her special interest and focus areas for business advisory and consulting are in Governance, Strategy, Digital Transformation and Cyber Security.

Miranda is currently Head of Smart Precinct NQ and strategic projects for developing impact and positive improvement in North Queensland. Miranda previously owned registered Training Organisation Learning Partnerships and co-founded Securus Global, one of Australia’s most highly regarded Information Security and technical research companies before selling and floating it on the ASX. It is now part of the Tesserent group of companies which was admitted to the ASX All Ordinaries Index of the top 500 ASX listed companies by market capitalisation.

Miranda is passionate about the North Australia Region and focussing on three key areas Securing the North – Securing Supply Chains, Securing New Economic Opportunities and Securing New Jobs for the Future.

Execution of projects & programs
Business analysis and transformation
Training and development
Planning, preparing and executing Board & business strategy
Business mentoring and strategy coaching
Business systemization, process mapping & change
Standards compliance & risk management assessment / development
Systems and eCommerce development & implementation
IT Security risk and compliance assessments & management

Michael Kopittke



Michael has held Senior Sales and Marketing roles with some the world’s leading brands including Colgate Palmolive, Unilver, Cadbury Schweppes and Pepsi.

Michael commenced the Brumbys North Queensland Master Franchise in February 1994 and opened over 16 stores and franchised 60 stores in North Queensland and New Zealand, selling in 2010. Michael is an equity partner in Etrainu / Yomconnect and consults to small and large businesses.

Michael represents the Chamber on the Community Policing Board, and contributes to the portfolios of retail, crime, finance and employment for our organisation.

Ross McLennan


Chamber’s strategic directions; relations with members and stakeholders; management of the organisation.

4771 2729, 0447 895 525, [email protected]

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