Terms & Conditions

TVL Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. By applying to become a member of the Townsville Chamber, applicants confirm they have read and understood the Rules of the Townsville Chamber.  The Rules are available on this website.
  2. Every membership application is subject to approval by the Board of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce.
  3. All prices are quoted in AUD.
  4. Advertised membership prices valid from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.
  5. Advertised prices are GST Exclusive.
  6. Quarterly payment by direct bank or credit card debit at no interest is now available upon request to execofficer@townsvillechamber.com.au .
  7. Current membership must be paid prior to the expiry date for membership to remain valid.
  8. Membership payment can be made prior to the expiry date by login in the member’s account /subscription / renew now.
  9. Members wanting to pay via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) can request an invoice to execofficer@townsvillechamber.com.au  or by calling the office 4771 2729.
  10. Automatic recurring payment can be selected by login in the member’s account /payment method / add a payment method.
  11. Unpaid membership will be placed on hold from the date of expiry, until payment is made.
  12. Unpaid membership on hold will not display in the Membership Directory.
  13. Unpaid members will be offered non-members price at ticketed events.
  14. New membership starts upon payment of membership fees, which becomes the renewal membership anniversary.
  15. Business membership (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) belongs to the organisation and is transferable should there be a change of the organisation’s ownership.
  16. Individual membership belongs to the individual and is not transferable.
  17. Members can resign their membership at any time by writing to the Townsville Chamber Secretary, C/o execofficer@townsvillechamber.com.au
  18. In accordance with the Association Act 1981 (Qld), the Townsville Chamber holds a $20 million Public Liability Insurance.

Events Terms and Conditions

  1. Advertised price is exclusive of GST and payment portal fees.
  2. Final ticket price is available upon booking online.
  3. Invoice for payment by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) available upon request, with 7 days payment terms.
  4. No invoice for payment issued less than 7 days before event.
  5. All payment need to be settled prior to event.
  6. Paid invoice provided upon request only.
  7. Event ticket price may differ whether you are a current member of the Townsville Chamber or not.
  8. If you cannot attend an RSVP event, please advise the office (4771 2729) or members@townsvillechamber.com.au at least 24 hours prior to the event for a full refund.

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