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Donation Ban Update

17 January, 2019, Posted By The Web

The following is an excerpt from the Property Council of Australia’s Advocacy Alert.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) has issued fresh advice to property developers, following the passage of Commonwealth legislation aimed at preventing state-based campaign donation laws from impacting on federal elections.  The new advice relates to the Queensland Government’s Prohibited Donor Scheme, which aims to prohibit property developers, and their close associates and spouses, from making electoral donations.

ECQ is advising that property developers will now be able to give gifts and donations to political parties for Federal purposes. ECQ advises that individuals or entities wishing to make a federal election contribution should ensure they explicitly state that their donation is intended for a federal electoral purpose to avoid violating the Queensland legislation.

Property developers continue to be prohibited from making donations for state or local electoral purposes.

ECQ have released a number of factsheets, and an FAQ page.

The Queensland legislation is currently the subject of a High Court challenge, which may result in significant changes in the interpretation and application of the donation prohibition.

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