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Holidaymakers Hit The Road – Trends in Australia’s RV Sector

8 July, 2019, Posted By The Web

Time to hit the road? Recent data shows Australian’s are racking up near 12 million caravanning and camping trips in 2018.

The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia has released their latest report, Growth and Trends in the RV sector in Australia – May 2019. The report provides an indepth insight into the current state of RV holiday-making in Australia.

Throughout Australia, it was found that caravans and campervans represented two of the fastest growing sectors of vehicle types, with over 600,000 caravans and 66,000 campervans and motorhomes hitting the roads.  According to the report, domestic caravanning and camping overnight trips and visitor nights experienced its highest growth of 16%, with 51.6 million visitor nights in 2016.

For what the industry contributes, the RV market is worth $5.53 billion a year  to the economy with surveyed members spending on average $542 per week on the road. Aside from domestic travellers, international caravan and campers spent an average of  $7500 per trip – around $3000 more than other international travellers.

Over the last few years, RV manufacturers have experienced an increasing growth in their production, with demand increasing as RV travel is expected to increase by over 60% in the next 10 years. Currently, caravans represent the largest selling towable RVs at 66% of manufacture.

Whether you’re planning on breaking into the industry or planning on hitting the road, the caravanning and camping sector is looking to grow and accommodate more in the future outlook.


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