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Response to an open letter

16 July, 2018, Posted By Townsville Chamber

Sometimes, the Townsville Chamber is asked to intervene in matters unrelated to our organisation. We had such a request last week through an open letter to our President Debbie Rains from blogger Malcolm Weatherup, aka The Magpie.

We submitted the below response to Malcolm and he published it in his blog,  We wanted to share our response with you, so you understand a little more about the Townsville Chamber.

Your questions and comments are always welcome.


12 July 2018

Malcolm Weatherup
The Magpie

Dear Malcolm

In response to your Open Letter posted on your website on 8 July 2018.  The matter has been discussed at our weekly Executive meeting of 9 July 2018 and with our Board which met on 11 July 2018.

The Townsville Chamber is an a-political organisation supporting the economic activities of its members and the broad business and industry community of Townsville, in particular small businesses.

Funded only by its members and receiving no government funding, the Townsville Chamber is the independent voice of business for our city.

The Chamber is an information portal, and while we encourage our members to be informed on matters that impact their organisations, we are not an advisory body.

Nor are we an economic development organisation or a business incubator. The Chamber is neither funded nor structured to do so.  Both services already exist in our region and are provided by organisations that are separate from the Townsville Chamber.

We have served the community of Townsville continuously since 1882. The key to our longevity is our ability to work collaboratively with all levels of government, public agencies and the private sector.

For that reason, we refrain from telling organisations how to conduct their affairs, as it is the prerogative of their shareholders and clients to do so.

Should any of our members wish to provide us with feedback or comments on this or any other matters, they can contact us directly, via emails to or by calling our CEO, Marie-Claude Brown on 4771 2729.


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