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Townsville Chambers 2018 to 2019 Priorities

18 May, 2018, Posted By Townsville Chamber

The Townsville Chamber has been the independent voice of Townsville businesses for 135 years.

The Chamber’s advocacy agenda focuses on the “here and now”. Our three priority streams are actions to unlock Townsville’s economic potential over the next five years in the areas of –

Jobs and Skillsleading the employment discussion by 

  1. Focusing on Townsville’s industry strengths of
  • Defence Industries
  • Tropical Health
  • Mineral Industries
  • Knowledge and Creative Industries
  • Transport and Logistic

2. Influence local discussions on employment strategies to lead to sustainable outcomes


Business Environmentunlocking Townsville’s economic potential by

  1. Buy Local” as a first consideration when making any purchase decision.  We look to influence
  • State Procurement Policies
  • Local Government Procurement Policies
  • Private Sector and Individual purchases

2.   Reform payroll tax to incentivise employers to employ

3.   Reform electricity pricing and renewable energy policies to help businesses do business


Targeted Projectshelp move the city forward

  • Influence local discussions for a thriving CBD
  • Exercise our influence to help deliver the Drive It NQ project


A Chamber of Commerce is a network of local businesses and industries.  There are Chambers of Commerce all over the world, and while we are all different and separate from one another, we share the same goal – to improve the business environment of our locality.

Financially supported by our members only, we deliver optimum return on their investment in us.

We advocate for jobs, projects and productivity to make Townsville the best place to do business.  We are a key contributor to the portfolios of employment outcomes, support for our industries and creating the Townsville of tomorrow.

A downloadable copy of our 2018 to 2019 Priorities is available here (look to the bottom of the page).


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