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Why We Welcome Big Projects

11 June, 2019, Posted By Townsville Chamber

This information was sourced from the latest edition of Success North Queensland – Issue 43 | June/July 2019, p.40-41.

Floods, elections and project promises – why the Townsville Chamber welcomes big projects to the region.

Big projects propel the economy forward and make smaller projects possible – DRIVEIT NQ, the lithium-ion plant and upgrades to Reef HQ, for example. They help increase the number of residents and, with a larger population, there is motivation to improve liveability with things like good public transport, access to high standard education and health services, leisure activities and culture. All this ends up creating more small businesses.

That’s why we stand for big projects.

To read the full article from Townsville Chamber CEO Marie-Claude Brown, click here.


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