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Great Northern Laundry

At Great Northern Laundry we:are capable and efficient - with the ability to wash up to 3000kg per hour; have back up systems in place to ensure our clients don't experience down time in the case of a natural disaster or local power outage; use advanced equipment - with new machines and our unique roll-on roll-off pickup and delivery system means no more lugging heavy laundry bags. We give unsurpassed service and always deliver on what's promised


HERRONCAMC Commercial property cleaning and maintenance services for the Townsville business community is what our business has been involved in since 1988. 100% locally owned , we value our local businesses engaging with us for our services.HERRONCAMC buy local and use these purchases to assist us in maintaining your local commercial property to high standards in a safe and secure manner.Three key attributes form part of the basis of our service ideals.Focused...Accountable...Dedicated.

Spinifex Pest Control

Spinifex Pest Control provides residential and commercial general pest and termite management services. Services also include preconstruction termite management systems to the building industry pest bird management and feral animal removal and relocation.

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