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Andrew Whitehead

Andrew (Past Treasurer 2002-2016) & Life Member 2016

Craig Stack

Craig (Past President 2006-2009) & Life Member.

Fay Barker OAM

Fay (Past President 1997-1999 - Hall of Fame 2012) and Life Member.

Graham Jackson

Graham (Past President 1986-1987 & Hall of Fame 2003) and a Life Member.

John Bearne

John (Past President 2003-2005- Hall of Fame 2012) & Life Member

John Carey

John (Past President 2009-2011) & Life Member 2014.

Ken Atkinson

Ken (Past President 1974-1976) & Life Member.

Ken Crane

Ken (1997 Treasurer) & Life Member

Peter Duffy

Peter (Past President 2001-2003) and a Life Member.

Philip Clarke

Phillip is a Life Member of the Townsville Chamber

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