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Australian Institute of Marine Science

AIMS's research effort is designed to meet the challenges facing our marine ecosystems and the requirements of our stakeholders. Fisheries offshore oil and gas mining reef tourism and aquaculture have all benefited from AIMS research geared towards the protection and sustainable development of marine resources.

CRC for Developing Northern Australia

The CRC for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) will be investing $75m of Commonwealth funds over the next ten years to support industry-led research collaborations to develop important new technologies products and services which address industry problems in Northern Australia in the areas of northern agriculture tropical health and medicine and Traditional Owner led business development in the fields of agriculture food and/or health industries.


ATTAR has been providing Australia and the world with expertise in Compliance, Consultancy, Specialist NDT Services and NDT Training for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on world class service and consistently have a NPS (Net Promoter Score) above 70, along with a customer satisfaction survey of over 90%.

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