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ADVOCACY: Council budget must aid local business

26 June, 2020, Posted By tvlchamber

Townsville City Council Budget Expected on Tuesday

The business community has a vitally important role in the recovery phase post Covid-19 where employment is key to rebuilding our economy, so when Townsville City Council hand down their budget for 2020-2021 on Tuesday we expect that it reflects the tough trading conditions the Townsville Business community has endured, and continues to face.

Our Council has the power to make meaningful concessions and to pass a budget that can install certainty and business confidence. This in turn will see the whole community move forward and rebuild a bigger and stronger community that can prosper well into the future.

We have already seen LGA’s across Queensland offer rate freezes, easing of permits, waiver or deferring of licences, but there are other opportunities for council to support business by looking very closely at charges, an example would be the pedestal tax incurred by Hotel operators.

Townsville City Council has the potential to be a leader for State and Federal Governments in this space, if it is brave enough to take up the challenge to structure a budget that really shows support for the Townsville businesses.

Townsville Chamber of Commerce is always happy to consult with the Townsville business community and all levels of government to ensure positive outcomes for our community.


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