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TAFE New Norm Webinar Series

11 June, 2020, Posted By tvlchamber

Operating, Innovating and Living with COVID-19
To grasp new opportunities and reopen the economy, businesses and entrepreneurs must take a first-principles approach to engineer solutions. We must first understand the enemy, understand our position, and understand our options for defence.  Then we can Make solutions, open the economy, and re-engage.  It’s a New Normal, and a bright future if “Common Sense” prevails.

Live ZOOM webinars facilitated by Matt Ritchie, Innovation Business Development Consultant, TAFE Queensland

WEBINAR: Biohazard Basics – Infection Prevention Control Systems (IPCS) Thursday, 11 June @ 2pm 
This exciting workshop provides a basic introduction to the fundamentals of infection prevention, to create a foundation for a “common sense” set of tools of the trade. Pseudo-science is not for the people or the economy. Don’t miss out, register now.
WEBINAR: Life 2.0 – Opening for the future Thursday, 18 June @ 2pm 
Join us for a workshop that brings the principles of previous learnings together, and paths the way to open the economy. We simply follow the lead of those who have shown success, avoid the mistakes of others, and become Entrepreneurs in a new world of abundant opportunities.  “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X. Don’t miss out, register now.
WEBINAR: Maker Solutions – Accelerated Community Adaptation: Thursday, 25 June @ 2pm 
Restricted supplies of; PPE, suitable Alcohol based disinfectant, and novel cleaning technologies, presents a challenge and an opportunity. The Maker movement has risen to the challenge and leads the global effort to kick-start the manufacturing industry through community-based efforts. How to assist local economies and bring people together in a new world of isolation. Don’t miss out, register now.

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