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Media Release: Let’s Get Ready

23 March, 2020, Posted By tvlchamber


23 March 2020

“Let’s get ready”


The announcements today prohibiting indoor gatherings is going to have a significant impact on businesses and the way they do business in the future.

It is ok to feel unsure and concerned, but it is not the time to panic.

Townsville Chamber of Commerce President, Michele Falconieri, has urged Townsville business to look around for opportunities and ways to do things differently. Now is the time businesses can be innovative. We can look to see which projects can be brought forward and funded to get the city and region back to work as soon as the crisis passes.

“We are facing unprecedented challenges, but you must look forward and identify how your business can position itself and be ready to be part of the solution. When these uncertain times pass, as surely they will, Governments will be looking for projects to fast track the recovery of our economy. These projects will need to address all sectors within our economy”.

“There will be a drastic shift in the workforce and the way businesses operate in the future. The opportunity for Government funded projects will available and businesses must be ready with jobs and plans to get these projects fast tracked and funded”, Mr Falconieri added.

“We are not just talking about construction and industry. Demands for emerging industries like web design, local deliveries, marketing, health, disability, and community sectors will have ideas and plans which can form part of our Townsville and regional Queensland response.”

The Townsville Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of Townsville’s business community. Mr Falconieri urged Townsville to look ahead and seize the grant and funding opportunities to strengthen your business now and position yourself as best you can to be ready to rebuild the economy on the other side of COVID-19.

“Yes, at present, many businesses are fighting for survival, but it will be the proactive communities that work together, practicing physical distancing but social and community connection, that will emerge strong and demonstrate the best resilience. Government grants to keep the doors open and staff employed at present are essential, but businesses always need to plan ahead. It is even more important now.”

“We need to work together to ensure local businesses get the benefit of the trials that have been sent to test us. Remember, Australia is still the lucky country and the world is experiencing the challenges we are now facing. Although times are tough, Townsville is still comparatively a paradise and we want to ensure our locals, instead of national and multi-national companies, have a chance to be part of the recovery process and by the successful tenderers for the jobs that are to come. Let’s work together to build resilience and demonstrate how Townsville and regional Queensland can find opportunities for our local businesses even during these challenging times.”



Media contact: Michele Falconieri, 0427 029 307

Townsville Chamber of Commerce

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