It really is serious business!

Posted: 17 November 2023

It really is serious business!

Message from Heidi - When I ask people about their first connection with the Chamber for many it has been our now famous fortnightly CBD Chamber Coffee events. Some people have gained employment, many have found clients or business partners, and some have even met their romantic partner at one of them (no promises).

For me they have been an unrivalled opportunity to connect with and get to know many of you in a short space of time. To check the pulse of our business community before I head into meetings with various stakeholders. Over the last week over 100 people have attended our coffee events sponsored by the Telstra Business Centre team to celebrate their 1st year under Telstra ownership with Paul Woodhouse at the helm. Looking around it was fantastic to see such a diverse group of faces talking, laughing, and connecting with each other, there was a buzz.

I remember when we were able to meet for the first time after covid, there was such a buzz within the membership, and then they have just "happened" each fortnight. Since early September each of the coffee events in Kirwan, Fairfield and the CBD have "just happened" because of one person – our Membership and Engagement Coordinator, Amanda Nass. Many of you will remember Amanda from her days in various membership and events roles at Townsville Enterprise before she created and built her own business. After selling the business earlier this year Amanda was looking for a new challenge and well … she certainly has gotten what she was looking for! Amanda is quickly becoming the oracle of all membership knowledge so if you have any queries, please email her at

We are building on the work of many before us to create a vibrant business community and as part of this the Young Chamber Committee issued a call out for anyone keen to join them and help shape the future of Young Chamber. So far, I’ve been impressed by the variety of responses received. If you or someone you know would benefit from being part of the committee, please see the information about it below. 

There is a palpable energy building behind Chamber, thank you for being a part of it.

Have a great weekend

Heidi, CEO