What we stand for

Be Connected. Be Informed. Be Heard.

In a business world that is rapidly evolving, it is essential to stay connected, be informed, and have your voice heard. At the Townsville Chamber of Commerce, we embody these principles every day.

Since our foundation in 1882, we have been at the forefront of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit that continues to thrive today across industries in our region. As one of the oldest institutions in the city, we continue to play a pivotal role in helping Townsville continue to develop, grow, and prosper. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to focusing on the issues that affect businesses here and now, so they can benefit from opportunities in the future. We work collaboratively with all levels of government, other representative bodies, and both public and private sector organisations to advocate for a business environment that is conducive to growth and prosperity.

Why Join Us?

Connect: Being a member of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce allows you to connect with a network of businesses and professionals who are as dedicated to growth and development as you are. Networking events, business expos, and online platforms will keep you connected with the local business community. Find out more

Stay Informed: We provide timely and relevant information on the issues that matter most to your business. From legislative changes to economic trends, we ensure our members are informed and prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Find out more

Be Heard: Advocacy is at the heart of what we do. We give our members a voice on the issues that impact their business. Whether it's through our submissions to government, participation in public consultations, or direct engagement with key stakeholders, we ensure your concerns are heard and addressed. Find out more

Our Impact

For over 141 years, the Townsville Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in advocating for key infrastructure projects, supporting local businesses through economic downturns, whilst promoting sustainable growth and development.

Our commitment to the Townsville business community is unwavering, and we continue to work diligently to support our members and the broader community as their only independent voice.

Get Involved

We invite you to become a part of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce. Together, we can work towards a brighter and more prosperous future for Townsville. Whether you are a new business looking for support and connections or an established business seeking to expand your network and influence, the Townsville Chamber of Commerce is here for you.

Join us today and Be Connected, Be Informed, and Be Heard.


The History of Chambers of Commerce

The concept of a Chamber of Commerce is not new, and there are Chambers of Commerce in every corner of the world.  We are not officially connected with each other, but we all have the same goal to further the interests of businesses.

The first Chamber of Commerce began in 1599 in Marseilles France “Room of Commerce” with businesses joining together in a mutual effort to increase commerce in Marseilles.  The idea caught on across Europe and in 1826 the first Chamber in Australia was formed in Sydney, Brisbane in 1868 and then in 1882 the Townsville Chamber of Commerce was formed. So before Australia became a nation the Townsville Chamber of Commerce existed.

Past Presidents of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce 

Over 141 Years the Presidents and Board of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce has been comprised of dedicated business leaders volunteering their time, extensive skills, experience and contacts to make a difference to our community. Enabling the Townsville Chamber to be the only independent voice of the business community, connecting, advocating and informing members since 1882.

1st 1882-83 Hon. W.V. Brown

2nd 1883-84 W. Kirk

3rd 1884-86 Hon. Robt Philip

4th 1886-87 A.D. Lewington

5th 1887-89 Jas. Macintosh

6th 1889-90 W. Lennon

7th 1890-91 J. Macpherson

8th 1891-92 W.A. Ackers

9th 1892-95 Jas. Macintosh

10th 1895-96 W.A. Ackers

11th 1896-1901 Jas Macintosh

12th 1901-03 J.N. Parkes

13th 1903-04 G.H. Pritchard

14th 1904-05 J. Cummins

15th 1905-06 W.A. Welch

16th 1906-10 G.H. Pritchard

17th 1910-12 W. McRae

18th 1912-28 J.N. Parkes

19th 1928-30 S.M. Hopkins

20th 1930-31 W. McIllwaine

21st 1931-32 D.W. Cross

22nd 1932-34 R. Thomsen

23rd 1934-37 S.M. Hopkins

24th 1937-39 J.A. Hackett

25th 1930-41 S.P. Swan

26th 1941-44 H.G. Pass

27th 1944-45 S.M. Hopkins

28th 1945-48 L. Lawrence

29th 1948-51 J.A. Hackett

30th 1951-52 R.A. Hughes

31st 1952-54 C.W.B. Cook

32nd 1954-55 D.C. Young

33rd 1955-58 J.H. Woolrych

34th 1958-59 A.A. Steinbeck

35th 1959-60 J.D.W. Higgins

36th 1960-61 L.R. Davies Graham

37th 1961-63 R.L. Gregson

38th 1963-65 A.L. Homewood

39th 1965-67 K.J. O'Shea

40th 1967-68 B.W. Calder

41st 1968-72 Ken Atkinson - Life Member

42nd 1972-74 T.J. Camp

43rd 1974-76 Ken Atkinson - Life Member

44th 1976-77 Doug Symes

45th 1977-80 Col Rains

46th 1980-85 Graham Jenkinson - Hall of Fame since 1998

47th 1985-86 Rod Barnes

48th 1986-87 Graham Jackson, Loloma Jewellers - Hall of Fame since 2012 & Life Member

49th 1987-88 Warren Short

50th 1988-89 Mal Lappin

51st 1989-90 Warren Short

52nd 1990-92 Kevin Schreiber

53rd 1992-94 John Walker

54th 1994-97 Mal Missingham

55th 1997-99 Fay Barker - Hall of Fame since 2012 & Life member

56th 1999-2001 Tim Hanson

57th 2001-2003 Peter Duffy, wilson ryan grose Lawyers - Life Member

58th 2003-2005 John Bearne, TCS - Hall of Fame since 2012 & Life Member

59th 2005-2006 Mick Reilly, MASSIC

60th 2006-2009 Craig Stack, Knight Frank - Life Member

61st 2009-2011 John Carey, wilson ryan grose Lawyers - Life Member since 2014

62nd 2011-2013 Dawson Wilkie TCS, UDP

63rd 2013-2015 Stephen Motti, Brazier Motti

64th 2015-2017 Troy Popham, Crowe Horwath

65th 2017-2019 Debbie Rains, Escape Travel, Travel Associates

66th 2019-2021 Michele Falconieri, wilson ryan grose Lawyers

67th 2021- 2023 Chris Rockemer, Menninger Capital

68th and Current President is Miranda Mears, Australian Impact Group and Cyber Sense

For almost 8 generations business owners, organisations and entrepreneurial individuals from a wide range of industry sectors across North Queensland have become members of Townsville Chamber of Commerce to widen their professional networks,  raise their profile, learn and support an organisation that invests in the success of our business community.