In Advocacy We Are Stronger Together

The Townsville Chamber are the only independent voice for business in Townsville, funded by members and has been for over 141 years.  For you this means that with no political agenda you can rely on Chamber to truly stand up for the needs of you and your business community.


Reducing Red Tape

Simplifying processes to enable businesses to thrive with ease. We understand the challenges of navigating bureaucracy, and we're dedicated to making it smoother for businesses to operate, innovate, and grow.

Reducing Inequitable Costs

Championing fair economic conditions in regional North Queensland. We strive to level the playing field, reducing costs that disproportionately affect our businesses, and ensuring that every enterprise, regardless of size, has a fair chance to succeed (such as the cost of insurance).

Reducing Workforce Challenges

Addressing employment hurdles head-on. From skill shortages to recruitment challenges, we are proactive in finding solutions that help businesses find and retain the talent they need to excel.

Raising the Region

Beyond business, we aim to uplift the overall quality of life in Townsville. Tackling social issues like crime and enhancing liveability, particularly in central Flinders Street, is integral to our vision. A thriving community fosters a thriving economy.

How do we advocate?

In the bustling echo chamber of the business world, every enterprise, from fledgling start-ups to established corporations, deserves an opportunity to be heard.

1. Representation: Chamber is an influential voice that regularly represents and advocates for the business community's interests in front of governmental bodies, policy makers and other stakeholders to ensure your voice is heard.

2. Chamber listen: Chamber listens to the needs of our members and leads the advocacy, so members can continue to operate their businesses knowing we continue to advocate for them. You can get in touch with Chamber HERE

3. Recent Advocacy: We know that the cost of doing business is getting higher and we regularly advocate to all levels of government different ways to reduce costs. In November 2023 alone we met with State, Federal and local Representatives for our region including Hon Cameron Dick MP Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment and Hon Di Farmer, Minister for Employment and Small Business, Minister for Training and Skills Development and Minister for Youth Justice. We also met with the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Reinsurance Pool Corporation, as well as many stakeholders from across the region, members, our Corporate Parters

Some of the advocacy areas we discussed with officials on behalf of our members we:

  • Reducing the cost of Insurance including our key recommendations:
    • The progress of the Reinsurance Pool Corporation
    • Eliminating State Government Stamp Duty on Insurance Premiums as insurance is an essential service.
    • Increasing competition in the NQ Market place.
  • Reducing Renewals on State Based Vehicle Registration for ABN holders.
  • A Discount on Electricity Charges for SME’s.
  • Eliminate Payroll Tax in Regional Areas
  • Review State Based Licences and fees like Liquor Licensing
  • Removing Federal Excise on Fuel
  • Increase in Small Business Insolvencies since ATO began reclaiming debt acquired since covid.
  • Continuing Advocacy to Drive Outcomes for Local Businesses from the Cyclone Reinsurance Pool Corporation
  • The impact crime is having on businesses in the region