Get Connected with Your Local Chamber

In the dynamic landscape of business, connection is paramount and local Chambers, like the Townsville Chamber, serve as central hubs where businesses can foster relationships, stay updated on local industry trends, and voice their concerns and suggestions to better the community.

Here's why it's vital for businesses to stay connected with their local Chamber:

  1. Increase your networks: Interacting with other businesses and professionals and knowing what's happening within the business community can open doors 
  2. Community Engagement: Become a more recognisable figure within the business community by actively attending, sharing and promoting your business.

  3. Collaborate: Find new opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and cliental.
  4. Elevate Your Business: There are many ways to promote your business across Chamber's digital platforms and at events.
  5. Community Development: Being connected means actively participating in projects and initiatives that improve and shape the local business environment.
  6. Resource Access: Providing tools, insights, and resources to help your business grow.
Prioritise Connection. Be connected. Shape the Future.
It's not just about staying informed; it's about being an active contributor to a thriving community.