To succeed you must stay informed.

The business realm is ever-evolving, with new trends, regulations, and technologies emerging daily. To stay ahead and ensure sustained growth, businesses must remain informed and positioned well to make better informed decisions, strategise more effectively, and foresee potential challenges

The Townsville Chamber offers a wealth of information tailored to support the local business community. Here's why staying informed is paramount for businesses:

  1. Regular information: Chamber regularly provides information collected and curated from a range of sources to promote continuous learning and professional development.

  2. Educational events: Participate, learn and grow by attending our curated events designed for the needs of our local business community. Our events invaluable knowledge and skills to help businesses thrive. From seminars, workshops, expos and updates on local business trends, policies, and regulations.

  3. Market Awareness: Understanding our region and having access to the latest trends helps businesses adapt, innovate, and remain competitive.

  4. Community Engagement: Being informed allows businesses to participate actively in community discussions, debates, and initiatives.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: Being updated about local regulations and policies ensures businesses operate legally and ethically.

How you can connect with Townsville Chamber

  • Sign up to our ENews: Chamber Connect contains links to the latest updates, event news, articles, insights tailored to our local business community delivered directly to your inbox allowing you to click through and read what is of most interest to you.

  • Listen to our Podcast series: Tune into ChamberCast our podcast series, we will be recording series 4 in early 2024. Listen to us discuss prevailing business topics, interview experts, and shed light on local market dynamics.

  • Attend Our Events: We regularly host a range of events and invite you to join us to connect with other business owners from our region.
  • Contact Us: If you have an opportunity, question or concern you would like to discuss with us please get in touch.

Informed businesses not only thrive but also drive change.
Be Informed. Lead with Clarity.