Start Right Business Course

Posted: 5 January 2024

Start Right Business Course

With almost 50 percent of businesses failing within their first four years the Townsville Chamber of Commerce says that it is crucial for people starting a business to understand the basics, and to help they have created a one-day course.

President of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce Miranda Mears says the Chamber is eager to do what they can to ensure new business owners have the best opportunity for success and avoid costly mistakes.

“In Queensland we are seeing unprecedented small business closures so if you are thinking of starting a new venture understanding the basics from the outset is critical,” said Mears.

 “Innovation can be a buzz word, but for your business to thrive you will need to think strategically about how your business will work and how you will turn a profit,” said Mears.

In her volunteer role as President of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce Mears has created and will deliver the inaugural Start Right Business Course, a 1-day program designed to guide participants through the early stages of entrepreneurship and setting participants up for success.

“During the course we will go through fundamental topics such as, business structures, compliance requirements and responsibilities of business ownership, financial basics and knowing your numbers, business planning and strategy, marketing, digital strategy, cyber security and more,” said Mears.

“Applying for an ABN is the easy part, but things can unravel quickly if the business owner doesn’t have an understanding of business fundamentals, and this course will give people that,” said Mears.

“We have limited this opportunity to ensure personalised attention and networking within the group, there will also be a one-on-one mentoring session for each participant, and a full year of membership to the Townsville Chamber of Commerce to help them to connect with the wider business community.

“In business having a network that you can connect into as a sounding board, support or collaboration is a powerful tool for business owners this is why we absolutely wanted to include a membership as part of the program.

“When I first came to Townsville, I had no business network and the Townsville Chamber of Commerce was my first port of call, so it is my honour and privilege as a volunteer board member and now President to give my time and business expertise to support business owners taking that first big step to help them start right.”

The Townsville Chamber of Commerce Start Right Business Course will be held on Wednesday 31st January.

Course Overview

  • Business Structures
  • Compliance requirements and responsibilities of business ownership
  • Financial basics and Knowing your numbers
  • Effective Business Planning and Strategy
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Digital Strategy and Cyber Security
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • The importance of Support networks
  • Being Agile and Adaptable in Business

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