Who are we and what do we do?

Posted: 6 February 2024

Who are we and what do we do?

I’m often asked what the Chamber of Commerce is and what we do, and I have come across some confusion recently from surprising places. In the coming weeks you will start to see messaging increase around what we do. In marketing activating your advocates is a key part of building a brand and so as someone close to the Townsville Chamber of Commerce I encourage you Ross to read on and ask us any questions you might have by replying to this email.



The Townsville Chamber of Commerce is a business membership organisation that for over 141 years has been an independent voice for the business community, to CONNECT, INFORM and ADVOCATE for our members. We bring together local businesses to promote economic growth, provide networking opportunities, business education, and marketing support to help businesses in our region thrive and grow.




  1. Since 1882 we have represented the business community as an INDEPENDENT VOICE advocating on the behalf of our members. 
  2. Our almost 400 members are BIG and SMALL BUSINESSES – From multinational businesses right through to sole traders and start-up businesses.
  3. We have 3 clear pillars to support our members through CONNECTING, INFORMING and ADVOCATING.
  4. We CONNECT MEMBERS by hosting regular networking events, connect businesses with each other when we see common ground and make business introductions.
  5. We INFORM and EDUCATE members through regular emails, workshops and events to help elevate members and encourage best practice.
  6. We LISTEN to members and are an INDEPENDENT COLLECTIVE VOICE FOR THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY, advocating for policies and initiatives that benefit our members and the overall economic climate in our region.
  7. We are NOT GOVERNMENT FUNDED (This surprises people, we are funded by our membership fees)
  8. Our members elect a board of businesspeople (volunteers) who hire a CEO and operational team (all paid) to lead and run the organisation.
  9. The VOLUNTEER PRESIDENT has a 2-year term, your current President is experienced business professional Miranda Mears.
  10. We are a diverse, welcoming, and supportive community that anyone can be part of starting from just $220 +GST. Find out more about membership HERE.



The concept of a Chamber of Commerce is not new, and there are Chambers of Commerce in every corner of the world. We are not officially connected with each other, but we all have the same goal to further the interests of businesses. I have spoken to many other Chamber CEOs already as we have common ground.


The first Chamber of Commerce began in 1599 in Marseilles France with businesses joining together in a mutual effort to increase commerce in Marseilles. The idea caught on across Europe and in 1826 the first Chamber in Australia was formed in Sydney, Brisbane in 1868 and then in 1882 the Townsville Chamber of Commerce was formed. So, before Australia became a nation the Townsville Chamber of Commerce existed.


Things have changed since then, but chambers of commerce still play a crucial role in supporting and strengthening the local business community and economy.