Young Chamber Mentoring

Posted: 14 March 2024

Young Chamber Mentoring

Townsville Chamber of Commerce - JCU College of Business Law and Governance Mentoring Program 2024

For the past three years, Townsville Chamber of Commerce (TCoC) are proud to have partnered with James Cook University’s (JCU) College of Business Law and Governance (CBLG) to mentor students who are nearing completion of their degree to help them transition into the workforce.

The TCoC-JCU Mentoring Program aims to build the skills and career development opportunities of JCU Business/Commerce/Law Students by connecting them to industry professionals for a shared learning experience.  Mentees can learn from an industry mentor, and mentors can develop their leadership and coaching skills by providing guidance to ambitious students who are at the start of their career journey.


Do you remember what it was like transitioning from uni life to your career?

Getting your first job and navigating the work environment?

Becoming a mentor is a great way to give back and help guide the next generation of business professionals. It will also give you opportunity to develop personal skills in leadership, talent identification, addressing corporate social responsibility as well as improving your professional profile and the profile of your organisation.

Mentoring will involve six one-on-one mentoring sessions, virtual check-ins and mentoring and networking events.

Previous mentors of the program told us:

“My career has benefited from the expertise and insight of many mentors over the years and this program has been an excellent opportunity to support and encourage the growth of an emerging professional in my field of expertise."

"It has been a fantastic opportunity to use my experience to guide a young person and see their confidence grow."

"I thought this would be about giving but I gained so much too."

To find out more about becoming a mentor or mentee click HERE.


As a mentee, you can learn from an industry mentor who will provide guidance to you to help you at the start of your career journey.  Mentors will be JCU Alumni or Townsville Chamber of Commerce members who are in a similar industry or who have travelled a similar career path to you.  They will provide guidance relating to career planning, skill development, networking and job search techniques. This mentoring will help strengthen and build your network and gain the skills and confidence necessary to excel.

Mentoring will involve a set number of one-on-one mentoring sessions, virtual check-ins and mentoring and networking events.

Previous participants of the program told us: 

“My mentor had been in my shoes not too long ago so they were really helpful in terms of being a relatable figure that I could easily contact and ask for help if needed.”

“The mentor program allowed me to establish a network within the profession that provided valuable insights and knowledge.”

“It really helped to build my confidence.”

Program Overview:

1.     Submit your expression of interest before 5 April, 2024.  Apply here.

2.     Acceptance notifications by 5 April, 2024.

3.     5.30 pm, Wednesday 10 April, 2024. Induction session 

4.     Mentors and mentees will participate in a minimum of six one on one mentoring sessions to be completed by end of September.

5.     Students will record meeting outcomes in a PebblePad workbook for feedback and verification by mentor.

6.     Mentors and mentees will have free access to Young Chamber Professional Development and networking sessions.

7.     Mid October - Final celebration event and program evaluation.

To find out more about becoming a mentor or mentee click HERE.

If you have any questions about the program please contact Natasha Buttler, JCU Marketing Lecturer.