Who is that old person!

Posted: 24 November 2023

Who is that old person!

Do you ever look in the mirror and think “Who is that mature person staring back at me?” Or have you ever choked on your tea when you realised that a colleague was born after 2000 … or is it just me?

When Young Chamber started here a few years ago, someone suggested I was too old at 40 to join. I confess part of me died that day, but I also realised that it was my turn to pay forward the mentoring advice and guidance that I have benefited from throughout my career. Since then, I have mentored young professionals across Australia and the one thing I can tell you is that although the programs are set up to significantly benefit the mentees, mentors always benefit in some way too.  

Townsville Chamber has been operating for 141 years because of the invaluable role played by entrepreneurs and professionals of all ages who had a passion for being part of a supportive business ecosystem. Some of the mature leaders nurtured emerging talent and shared their knowledge, skills, and networks, the mentees became older and continued the circle of Chamber life. The importance of this legacy has not changed. Kevin our Deputy President began as a member of the Young Chamber, or Projects Committee as it used to be called.

As a leadership team, we are passionate about supporting the growth of the Young Chamber as we continue to build a strong and supportive Chamber community that contributes to the growth of the wider business community and showcases opportunities for emerging professionals right here in our region. We're not reinventing the wheel, we are not just embracing the future we are empowering it.

Last week was a week of youthful celebrations!

The Young Chamber and JCU: James Cook University, Australia School of Business mentoring program drew to a close with multiple mentors from PVW Partners Commonwealth Bank KPMG Australia Townsville Community Law Tan Lines Distilling Purcell Taylor Lawyers wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers and me at chamber  all kindly sharing their time and knowledge over the year with 2nd and 3rd year JCU business students.  A huge thanks to the mentors, Young Chamber Committee and Laurie Murphy and Stephen Boyle for their part in the continued success of this program.

We held our first joint Christmas drinks with Young Chamber at the Heritage Exchange which was well attended, and based on some messages I received late that night about salsa dancing I think some mature members outlasted our younger members!

If you like me are a little grey around the edges and are keen to find out about mentoring in 2024, just send us a message. And if not I encourage you to follow Townsville Young Chamber.

Have a great week

Heidi, CEO